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Understanding Moving Estimates

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Understanding Moving Company Estimates

Whenever a customer is seeking for a moving company generally they remain satisfied with moving estimate which is being handed to them by the companies. They don’t even realize that there are even other moving estimates available in the market. Actually, there are three different types of estimates available in the market and customers can choose any one of them according to their suitability. Moreover, the most important thing is that the customers should be well aware of availability of the different Moving company estimates.

Moving estimate includes a binding not-to-exceed estimate which is mostly favored by the customers. This means that if there is any such actual weight of about thousands of pounds, which is more than original written estimates then for that you will pay the amount of the moving estimate. In case, the weight of the goods is less than what it estimated then you pay less of the estimated amount, This will be actual of the weight which is being agreed upon the price. So the binding not-to-exceed estimate can only get lower and not higher.

The next type of Moving company estimates is known as the “fixed price” agreement which means that when you agree to pay the fixed amount of the moving estimate. The weight can sometimes be irrelevant and this would be an affair type of estimate which is considered to be an honest one. There is a risk for the customer because the estimator can increase the highball for getting some extra pounds which don’t exist. There is also a risk involved for the moving companies because the consumer can look out for some extra items which are not included to the original estimate. The risk of the mover is much less than the customer because the driver may challenge for the estimates before the goods get loaded into the trucks in case he thinks that the long distance moving estimates is too low.

The last kind of estimate which is the Non-Binding Estimate is basically agreed for the actual weight which is based on the set price as per one pound. The final bill of the moving companies estimates could be higher or lower than any original written estimate and that actually depends on the definite weight. In case, the bill is higher than the estimates, the movers can collect about 10% of the extra amount in addition to the Non-Binding moving estimate on the delivery date. Then the person becomes lawfully bound to deliver all of your goods. In case the person is not able to fulfill the amount, then there is a lawful 30 days of time by which he can come up with the pending balance over eth original written estimate.

One last word; in case you are conducting an inter-state move then you cannot expect to pay any deposit and none of the estimate should be accepted which is calculated on cubic feet. Actually, all the inter state long distance moving should be based on the weight but there are certain exceptions where the estimates are based on linear feet.

Moving companies estimates is like a forecast about the total moving process because it is an initial step of this whole process and like everything the fist step decides your journey towards the destination.

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