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International Moving Tips

It is important to have international moving tips before relocating into a new country. By far the most important factor in choosing an international moving company is to get the right international mover. The international mover of choice should have a good brand image, meaning the company should be a long-standing player in the moving industry. When searching for an international mover, it is wise to consider at least four companies to get the best prices. You can get the international mover online or offline, but getting the movers online has more advantages such as convenience and the fact that you will have many companies to choose from. You should approach the international mover in advance to avoid disappointment on the moving day. It is wise to look at the documentation and licensing of such a company and to look critically into the fine print, especially the sections on the insurance cover and charges.

It is important to choose the ship early on. Choosing a bad ship is one of the reasons why international moving becomes hectic. A bad ship means delays, damage to goods and even theft. In most cases, the international mover handles the shipping – you should therefore get all the information from them before given them a go-ahead.

You should leave behind as much as possible. The more you have, the more the expenses. In most cases, shipping and associated costs may even be more than the value of the items you are moving. You should sell what can be sold, organize a garage sale for the rest and donate or throw away what remains. When deciding what to carry into the new country, it is important to look at the floor plan and the size of the new house, the items that are already in the new house, accessibility of the new house, etc. Most electrical appliances will not work in other countries because of different voltage and current ratings. For this reason, one of the most important international moving tips is to visit the new house if possible.

It is not wise to pack your own boxes because there is risk of damage because of the rough haul. There are professional packers that you can use – most moving companies can do this for you too. You should travel before the shipment reaches the new country to avoid theft and to avoid storage charges at the port. Most moving companies also provide moving storage facilities – this is necessary if you will not be away for long. However, even when considering moving storage facilities, it is important to note that storing things for more than five days means additional charges. To reduce moving costs, it is advisable to do consolidated shipping.

Before the moving day, you should contact the embassy of the new country with regard to what is acceptable into the country and what is not among other things. You can also get such information from others who have been in the country you are moving to or from online and/or offline sources.

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